Ayam Organics - Yoga wear for people who want a better world

We at Ayam design, produce and import unique garments from India, whilst looking after the whole supply chain.

When producing clothes in cotton, it is always hard to ensure that all in the chain have been justly rewarded and that there has been no detrimental effect on their health or to the environment as a whole.

By working with the Global Organic Textile Standard, short GOTS, this is possible, and thatís why we have chosen it to be our standard;

whilst additionally, our soft high quality organic cotton jerseys are cut to be comfortable and easy to wear, when practicing yoga, meditation, or simply relaxing.

The patterns were created by our Italian designer while living in and practising yoga in India.

She designed our clothes to allow freedom of movement in any asana.

Find out what is unique about Ayam! And learn about the Ayam-Vision.

This shop still is being built. During the next months, further women's and men's tops and bottoms will be available.

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